The Vision

For us, sipping a hot cup of tea goes beyond soothing the soul. Sure, we bring you delicious, high quality teas and tisanes by sourcing the finest blends directly from India. But for us, each cup of tea is a reminder of our faith journey.


Meet the Soni Family

I’m Sunny Soni, and I’m originally from New Delhi, India. In 2018, my wife Angela and I moved to America to attend Bible college. We’d been touched by the gospel and wanted to pursue the Lord in a three-year Bible college program.

But life had different plans. Before we could finish school, the global pandemic nudged us back to India, and we hit some hard times. That’s when our story of faith really began.

As we prayed for direction, Angela had a vivid dream where she saw an abundance of rich black tea flowing freely down from a shelf. Soon after, a friend reached out with a proposition—to partner in importing teas from India to America. Our vision, once a dream, began to take shape.

A Leap of Faith

Returning to America, this time with a renewed purpose, we faced a giant leap of faith, having nothing more than faith that God was leading us. As it turned out, that was more than enough.

I began selling teas at farmer’s markets, and saw miraculous success, connecting with my customers and sharing my faith to those who asked. We grew so fast that we began to do road shows and large events, and even if the vendor hall was empty, the Faith Chai booth would be crowded, with no other explanation than divine favor.

That’s when it became obvious to me: this dream—that I thought was mine—was actually God’s dream for us all along!

Faith in a Cup

Why Faith Chai? Named after our daughter Faith, it symbolizes our story. Just as Faith was a blessing, our vision was a gift from the Lord. Our life message echoes this belief—if the Lord has planted a vision in your heart, He will faithfully guide you to fulfill it.

With every package of Faith Chai, we share more than just tea. Join us in savoring not just exquisite teas, but the story of God’s faithfulness to fulfill the dream he’s placed on your heart.

Sunny, Angela, Faith, and Joshua Soni

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